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The most straightforward LMS out there!

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Welcome to Enfix, an embeddable SCORM-conformant learning management system.

Enfix offers two modes of operation for integration: a traditional environment where users log directly into an LMS interface, and an embedded environment designed to be integrated with an existing web experience that users are already familiar with. Both modes offer administrative backend interfaces for your LMS administration.

Enfix is composed of two separate systems, a Learning Record Store (LRS) and a Learning Management System (LMS) User Interface (UI).

The Learning Record Store (LRS) is the data storage layer for the entire system, isolating all the tracking of data independently from the display of the learning experience.

The LMS UI provides a traditional learning management environment for users. This system is customizable and themeable to look like your existing application experience, and provides all the necessary components for the serving and playing of SCORM-conformant courseware.
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